How Do SB9 & SB10 Impact San José?

Now that SB9 and SB10 have been signed into law by Governor Newsom, you may be wondering how they affect the City of San Jose.

What are the key provisions of SB9 and SB10?

SB9 eliminated all single-family zoning in the state of California. The San Jose planning department has completed their analysis of SB9, and have determined that this new statewide mandate will allow up to 10 units to be built on any existing single-family parcel in San Jose.'

Unless the city council acts at their scheduled December 14th council meeting, this 10-unit maximum can never be reduced. If the city council does act by December 14th, then the city can legally limit SB9 to a maximum of 4 units.


Please write to the mayor and city council today to adopt an “urgency ordinance” to limit SB9 to a maximum of 4 units, and prevent developers from building 10 units on any single-family lot in the San Jose.

SB10 lets municipalities opt-in to bypass the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and allows up to 10 units plus 4 ADUs (up to 14 units) on single-family parcels in most neighborhoods. It would affect houses that are within a half mile radius of bus lines, impacting approximately 2/3 of the single-family lots in San Jose. Furthermore, SB10 provides no safeguards for historic resources once adopted by a municipal jurisdiction.

How do SB9 and SB10 affect the San Jose proposal to allow multi-unit development “by right”.

The San Jose City Council could vote to opt-in to SB10 at any time. Voters should proactively contact Mayor Liccardo and all members of the City Council and express opposition to adopting SB10.

Even though SB9 is now ingrained in state law and applies to every single-family zoned parcel in the state, the City Council is still planning to consider the Envision San Jose 2040 General Plan Task Force recommendation to advance citywide Opportunity Housing – a proposal that is even more extreme than SB9. Council consideration of Opportunity Housing is expected to occur during the holidays. We believe this timing is intended to deter feedback from homeowners.

The well-funded groups and lobbyists driving this proposal in San Jose are not satisfied with SB9. They continue to push for a more extreme local version.

We need to continue pressuring the Mayor and the Council to reject the General Plan Task Force recommendation as again it is more extreme than SB9. It does not require developers to go through the lot-splitting process required by SB9. Furthermore, unlike SB9, which requires the landowner to occupy one of the dwellings for three years, the 'Opportunity Housing' proposal has no owner occupancy requirement. This shortens the time from demolition to permanently changing your neighborhood block.

It is also important to note that both SB9 and Opportunity Housing eliminates the public review process. There is no community notification requirement, no community meeting, no public hearing, and no appeal process. We are unaware of any other city matter where special interest groups are advocating for elimination of the public review process.

Finally, it is important to remember that San Jose’s current General Plan already accommodates a 40% increase in population without implementing this radical proposal that will permanently destroy single-family neighborhoods.

What can residents do now to preserve the quality of life our neighborhoods?

1. Contact the Mayor and members City Council today. Request the following:

  • Immediately adopt an urgency ordinance limiting implementation of SB9 in San Jose to a maximum of 4 units.

  • Reject the General Plan Task Force recommendation outright and take a public stand now to oppose. Do not vote to “study” Opportunity Housing, since what is “studied” is inevitably implemented.

  • Do not opt in to SB10.

  • Pass a resolution endorsing the proposed ballot initiative from Californians for Community Planning that would restore zoning and land use decisions to municipalities. * (see footnote)

2. Contact Families & Homes - SJ via email (familiesandhomessj@gmail.com) or via the volunteer form on our website (FamiliesHomesSJ.org) to sign up for speaking (Zoom or in person) at City Council meetings when SB9, Opportunity Housing and related matters are on the agenda. Be sure to provide your email and text information so that we can keep you apprised of upcoming dates and times, and provide you with scripts and talking points as well as links and instructions for public comments.

3. Hold your elected representatives in Sacramento accountable. State Senator Dave Cortese co-authored SB9. He, and State Assembly members Ash Kalra and Evan Low voted to pass SB9 and SB10.

4. Make this the #1 issue for the June 2022 election both for Mayor and City Council as no other policy would negatively impact your quality of life as these detrimental policies.

Stay tuned for future updates!

*A bipartisan organization called Californians for Community Choice has already drafted a statewide ballot initiative that would amend the state constitution and return local zoning and land use decisions to cities and counties where they belong. The ballot language has been submitted to the state Attorney General’s office for formal review, and the signature gathering effort will soon follow. To learn more and keep abreast of progress, you can visit the website https://ourneighborhoodvoices.com.

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