About Us

Our Citywide Coalition

Neighborhood Associations representing residents and homeowners from across San Jose have issued statements supporting single-family zoning in our city. Every council district in our city contains a substantial number of family homes on lots zoned for single-family residences. A majority of these homes in San Jose are owner-occupied.

Our grass-roots coalition is 100% based in San Jose, and our volunteer-led organization receives zero financial support from developers, corporations, nationwide special interest groups, endowments, or other powerful entities based outside San Jose.

The following Neighborhood Groups, which are based in a majority of San Jose council districts, have joined our call to oppose the elimination of single-family zoning (euphemistically called ‘Opportunity Housing’ by its promoters) in our city:

District 1

Eden Neighborhood Association

Lynhaven Neighborhood Association

Murdock Neighborhood Association

Winchester Orchard Neighborhood Association

District 2

Santa Teresa Foothills Neighborhood Association

District 3

Julian St. James Neighborhood Association

Naglee Park Campus Community Association

Northside Neighborhood Association

Vendome Neighborhood Association

District 4

Berryessa Citizens Advisory Council

Penitencia Neighborhood Association

District 6

District 6 Neighborhood Leadership Group

North Willow Glen Neighborhood Association

Rose Garden Neighborhood Association

Willow Glen Neighborhood Association

District 8

District 8 Community Round Table (“D8CRT”)

District 9

Kooser Woods Coalition Neighborhood Association

Thousand Oaks Neighborhood Association

District 10

Santa Teresa Foothills Neighborhood Association

District 10 Leadership Coalition

Orchard Creek Neighborhood Association


Citizens for Fiscal Responsibility

Silicon Valley Taxpayers Association

Bay Area Homeowners Network

Does your neighborhood group want to support our coalition defending single-family residential zoning in San Jose? We can add your group name and logo to our website.

Or do you want to schedule a speaker to present to your group on this critical issue?

Please contact Families and Homes SJ at: familiesandhomessj@gmail.com