Volunteer to Help

We need help with the following, sign up using the link above:

Door Droppers - Burn some calories and enjoy some fresh air while getting our word out. Put on your walking shoes, your smile, (and yes a mask too), to drop flyers on front porches in designated neighborhoods. We will provide volunteers with current guidance on all Covid-19 recommendations and orders issued by the CDC, the State of California, and Santa Clara County.

Public Meeting Commenters - Make your voice heard and leave your mark on the history of our city. A short comment at an online public meeting is one of the easiest and most powerful ways everyday residents can influence policy. You can read a prepared comment or speak extemporaneously, typically limited to less than 2 minutes.

Yard Sign Displayers - With just a $20 donation, you can beautify your front yard and educate your neighbors at the same time with a dazzling “Save Single Family Zoning” Families & Homes yard sign.

Partiers - Host a small, socially distanced outdoor “Fourplex & Street Parking Party” for a few friends and neighbors in your backyard. Socialize and share information about the multi-unit developments that may be coming to your neighborhood. All it takes is a bit of wine, coffee or tea, and grocery store platter of hors d'oeuvres or pastries. Families and Homes will provide you with printed invitations and party tips.

Donors - The people pushing for multi-unit housing development in single family neighborhoods are predominantly registered 501c non-profits with full time paid professional staff, and financed by national, state, and local special interest groups. That’s not how Families & Homes rolls. We’re a grassroots group of residents spread across San Jose coming together for a common cause. We’re not registered or incorporated and nobody gets paid. Our small expenditures are paid out of pocket by members of the group who believe strongly in our purpose. If you’d like to make a small donation to help reimburse expenses, ANY amount, no matter how small, would be sincerely appreciated. Just send us an email and we’ll advise you on how to make your contribution.

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