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Under Current Law... 10 units can be built on single family lots

(see City of San José slide below)

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How will "Opportunity Housing" affect your neighborhood?

We support the preservation of single-family zoning in the city of San José. We oppose the General Plan Task Force proposal which would eliminate single family zoning "by right"* throughout San José. This proposal would forever and irrevocably change San José's ability to have diversity of neighborhood choice such as urban, suburban, mixed use Urban Villages, senior communities, student housing and more!

We are in favor of a smart infill growth strategy that is best for affordability, environment and transportation.

Before our neighborhoods are irreparably changed, San José should continue to implement the existing Envision San Jose 2040 General Plan which shields neighborhoods and focuses on Urban Villages.

*By right means no community input or appeal. Approval processes are streamlined so that approval is received without a discretionary review process provided zoning standards are met.

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